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Diversity in Tech: 2021 US report


A whopping 68% of businesses feel there is a lack of diversity in their workforce, but many are unsure how to address it - according to new research from mthree and Wiley.  

What's causing the lack of diversity in tech? How can businesses do more to attract more people from diverse backgrounds? Download our report to find out. 

What you'll find in the report

We surveyed 2,030 people aged 18–28 and 270 business leaders across the US in key industries, including financial services, insurance, and healthcare.  

This report provides some key insights and findings on both the opportunity in this growth field as well as the causes behind the lack of diversity in workforces. 

> Why does diversity and equality go hand in hand? 2020 was a devastating year in many ways, especially for employment. However, our survey of business leaders painted an altogether more promising picture when it comes to entry level and graduate technology recruitment. 

> What is behind the shortage of candidates? A lack of education and encouragement? Are schools telling students about the opportunities available in tech? Are their enough role models from diverse backgrounds? According to our research, it’s a combination of all these factors, and their importance varies by demographic.   

> How could businesses be doing better? Change demands action. So the report dives into the different strategies used and their varying levels of success. From tackling unconscious bias to asking recruiters for diverse shortlists, we look at the different tactics that HR leaders are using and how you could implement them into your business.   


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