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About mthree,
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About mthree

mthree is the emerging talent and reskill training partner for public and private organizations across the globe. 

Future-proofing is more important than ever. The pace of change is on the up, widening the gap between the skills needed and their availability in the workforce.  

More than 40 institutions in North America, EMEA and APAC, from government agencies to tier one investment banks to fintechs, have used mthree’s solutions to meet this challenge.

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What we do

We bridge the skills gap in technology and other high-demand disciplines by connecting education to the working world. Aligned to industry, our Academy curriculum adapts to meet ever-changing requirements. 

Our Alumni offering focuses on custom-trained emerging talent. Through the hire-train-deploy model, we place outstanding graduates into a client’s team for 12 to 24 months, after which they can be converted to full-time employees at no extra cost. At the end of the program, ninety percent of Alumni stay on under our clients’ permanent headcount. 

In our Reskill offering, we create custom training for employees, enabling clients to retain valuable organizational knowledge while evolving along with the industry landscape.  

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

Diversity underpins everything we do for our 
clients. Reskill opens up a new demographic, 
tackling biases from age to education, and 
our Alumni population are 35% female and 46% 
Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic, representing 
a step change in industry norms.  

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Together, Alumni and
Reskill help build
pipelines of diverse,
custom-trained talent
– complementing
traditional hiring
strategies like
internal graduate
programs and
reactive recruitment.

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About Wiley

In 2020 mthree joined Wiley (NYSE: JWA). Wiley is a global leader in research and education, unlocking human potential by enabling discovery, powering education, and shaping workforces. For over 200 years, Wiley has fueled the world’s knowledge ecosystem. Today, their high-impact content, platforms, and services help researchers, learners, institutions, and corporations achieve their goals in an ever-changing world.

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Wiley is a $2 billion institution with 7,000+ employees in 37 offices globally.

Wiley Education Services supports over 120,000 learners from 70+ Universities across 800+ programs.

From technology to astronomy, Wiley has published 21,000 books, 2,000+ journals and
200+ reference works.

In January 2020, Wiley acquired mthree to double down on their bridge strategy, connecting education to the working world.