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Bridge your skills gap


Our graduates have worked with more than 40 institutions in North America, UK, Europe, and APAC. From government agencies to tier one investment banks to fintechs.

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Want to turn your degree into a career? We understand the challenge you face:

  • it’s hard to translate theory into practice 
  • it’s hard to get a foot in the door with a great organization in the first place

The good news is that you have more potential and more opportunities than you realize.

That's where we come in.

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The Alumni we’ve gained through mthree’s Emerging Talent model have been outstanding. They’re determined, driven and extremely capable.

IT Manager, Centene Corporation

Introducing: the mthree Alumni graduate program

At the mthree Academy, you’ll learn how to add value in a client team from day one, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Your placement will last 12-24 months. Afterwards, most of our Alumni stay on as a permanent employee of the client. 



What do you need to know to join the program?

Very little! As a specialist in bridging the skills gap, our industry-aligned training helps you translate academic theory into execution. 

The only training pathway that needs some prior knowledge is software development. For all others, we look for people who’ve studied a practical subject with transferable skills, and a genuine interest in the industry or role.


As an Alumni, your development journey begins with industry-aligned training at the mthree Academy – and there’s lots more to look forward to afterwards.

Once you start working with one of our clients, you’ll embark on a continuous learning program that’s mapped to your role. This includes three elements. Mandatory training, recommended training and optimal training.


What support will you get?

Once you’re on site, you’ll have an mthree engagement manager. They’re your go-to at mthree – the person you can turn to anytime with questions or concerns. They will check in with you once a month to see how you’re getting on, and they’ll help out with your performance reviews every six months too. 


Are you a contractor?

No, you’re employed by us as a permanent member of staff. This means we handle a lot of the tax, legal and HR aspects of your work on your behalf  – unlike contractors, who are self-employed and so have to do most of that themselves. 

It’s understandable if you find this confusing, we know it’s complicated.


What makes mthree different to other companies?

The guidance we provide graduates with, from the application stage right through to the second or third year of your career, is what sets us apart. 

We also don't require a training bond, and you'll never be charged for leaving the program. 


Is there a training bond and is training paid?

There's no training bond. You may have heard about a training bond at other organizations that use a similar model to mthree, so it’s understandable if you’re worried. But please don’t let it put you off the idea altogether!

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Custom training for employees

Alongside mthree Alumni, we also have our Reskill program. This enables our clients to unlock the potential in their existing teams.

Role development or role transition. Fast or flexible. We help organizations build the skills they need in-house.

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mthree Academy

Welcome to the home of all our custom training – online, in person or blended.

The mthree Academy is where we connect education to the working world. Together in small groups, you’ll learn the industry-specific skills organizations need.

All our experts have at least a decade’s experience in the field. 

Our training pathways include Software Development, Production Support, Cyber Security, Mainframe and Salesforce. (Not sure which one is right for you? No worries. we’ll guide you through it.)

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Building diversity

We all go further together. That’s why diversity underpins everything we do, from our talent outreach strategy to our training curriculum. 

You’ll find that the graduates on our Alumni program come from a significantly wider range of backgrounds than the industry average across technology and finance.

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We're here to help

Think mthree Alumni could be the graduate program you’ve been looking for, but want to speak to a human?

Do get in touch! We’d love to chat. No question is too big or small (we’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt).

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Live roles right now & further info

Ready to take the first step towards turning your degree into a career? The mthree Alumni program gives you unique opportunities at some of the world’s largest organizations throughout the year.

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mthree provides opportunities for students. We appreciate their shared passion for diversity & inclusion and look forward to strengthening our partnership! 

Deth, Director of Development at Pace University

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Passionate about getting graduates into great jobs? Join our growing number of career partnerships.  

We'd love to work with you to support your goals. Whether it’s providing internships, working with faculty on co-branded projects, or speaking with students at careers events, we value collaboration.