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Why should you choose a career in software engineering?


In the past few years, the need for software engineers continues to soar as more and more organisations undergo digital transformation. 

What is driving the high demand for software engineers?

1. Need for software innovation 

Software engineering is known for its fast-paced and innovative nature. Businesses are constantly looking for more convenience, automation of tedious tasks, and more. The high demand for customised, high-quality solutions will continue to drive the need for software engineers.

2. Limited lifespan of code

Each line of code typically has a life span of only a few years. On some occasions, companies may decide to get rid of old software entirely and rebuild it using modern technology.

3. Accelerating growth in technology

Each time a software program is released, another development team builds a similar program to compete. For example, there are many different types of messaging apps, e-commerce platforms and even search engines, all of which help to drive the high demand for software engineers.

4. Increasing complexity of projects

The software tools that software engineers use to complete projects are improving. However, because projects are also increasing in complexity, companies typically hire a number of engineers to deliver exceptional results for customers.

Reasons to become a software engineer

Software development is a booming industry and offers a career path with endless progression, impact and decent pay. If you are thinking of choosing a software engineering career, here are 10 reasons why you should go for it. 

1. Job security

2. Autonomy 

3. You get to solve interesting problems

4. You can code your own applications

5. Excellent salary package

6. Being able to work remotely 

7. Community, travel, and conferences

8. It’s a constantly evolving industry 

9. Career progression 

10. Competitions & challenges 

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What is the future of software engineering?

The last years put us on a fast track to a completely new norm. The future of software development is quickly turned into the present. So what trends in software engineering will be relevant in 2021?

Cloud services


Blockchain technology 

Platform as a Service

Artificial intelligence (AI)


Want to leave an impact on the world as a software engineer? There’s no better time to get involved. Find out how to become a software engineer and see how we can help you take the first step.