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Skills you need to start a career as a Software Developer


Is having a computer science degree enough to impress recruiters or potential employers? While most companies have a check-off box for your degree earned, most recruiters know the certificate does not mean much when it comes to success in the workplace. Hoping to pursue a career in software development? Read on to find out the essential skills of a software developer and what benefits this career path offers. 

Recruiters make hiring decisions based on these skills

Talented software developers are becoming more sought-after. But believe it or not – coding is no longer the only skill employers expect. You will realise it is your knowledge and skills that matter most. 

- Excellent analytical skills to compare needs with software capabilities

- Familiar with computer languages to effectively work with computer programs

- Experienced with using open source tools to write, manage, build or deploy source codes 

- Great communication skills to help clients understand what you are saying

- Strong attention to detail to avoid minor errors and major problems

- Understand the logic of code even in languages they are unfamiliar with

- Always learn fast to stay relevant

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Why consider a career in Software Development?

The advancement of technology is happening as we speak. There is no shortage of opportunities in the near future. The demand for talented software engineers means that someone searching for their first job will be able to choose from a wide range of industries, companies, and locations. 

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Can Software Development lead to other career paths?

The answer is ‘yes’! There are vast career progression paths for a software developer. Once you become a software developer, a whole new universe opens up and you can gradually progress into any of the following jobs:

- Systems Engineer

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst

- Usability Analyst

- Data Analyst

- Data Scientist

- Database Admin

- Sales Engineer

- Business Analyst

- No-Code Developer

- Trainer

- Technical Writer

- Project Manager

- Security Analyst

- Ethical Hacker

- Penetration Tester

Software Developers never stop learning 

If you want to excel in this industry, you need to constantly sharpen your skills and stay relevant. Want to sign up to be a lifelong student? Start exploring job opportunities as a Software Developer.