One Year Later: Catching up With Tünde | mthree Graduate

One year later: catching up with Tünde



In the last 12 months since we spoke to Tunde, the world’s plummeted into a global pandemic.

As the world moved online, Tunde started her career having never met her colleagues in person. Not afraid of a challenge, she’s taken it all in her stride.

Now almost a year into her role, we caught up with her to see what it’s like to join a global investment bank, all from the comfort of her apartment in Budapest.

Last time we spoke, you were excited to start your role, what have you been up to since?

“It's been great. I learned a lot during the training, including Linux, which I now use every day. I needed the basic knowledge of Linux so that I could build upon it in my role. The training also grew my confidence.

When I joined mthree, I was flown to London to train with 20 other graduates that I had never met before. Everybody was really nice and I learnt how to open up when in a group which helped me overcome my shyness. I've been using this new confidence since starting my new role with colleagues I’ve never met in person due to the pandemic”

What projects have you been working on?

“There’s been lots of different projects. There are our day to day tasks where we handle alerts, problems and queries and then there are extra projects. It’s mostly programming which is good because I really like programming!

Other projects include updating documentation, improving applications, improving the checks that we do on those applications and migrating databases.”

How would you describe your role to someone who's never heard of production support?

“My main role is to support the applications that the developers create and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We’re like the babysitters of applications. We make sure that there aren’t any problems or incidents, and when there is, we have to figure out a way to solve it.”

What applications do you maintain?

“One of the main applications we monitor is used for FX trading. The traders use those applications to do trades and orders.

When I first started, it was weird seeing seven-figure numbers in these applications. I was worried that if I pressed the wrong button it would all go wrong! Nowadays, I don't even see those numbers anymore, they’re not important to us. What we focus on is making sure that every trade goes to its destination and that the flow goes smoothly.”

What's your favourite part of our job?

“My favourite part is that I’m always learning new things. I had no idea about finance before mthree and I’ve learnt a lot from my role. We also have scripts that are written in Perl which I hadn’t used before. Since then, I’ve studied it and it's one of my favourite programming languages now.

Another really good feeling is when you can help somebody with their problems. When someone asks a question and I immediately know the answer, people can be really grateful.”

What kind of team are you part of?

“Half of our team members are located in London and the other half is in Budapest. But because I haven't met any of them in person it doesn't matter where they are to me. I interact with them the same way as I interact with the team from New York or Asia. While we have different shifts, we all work together.”

What would your advice be to somebody who's thinking about moving to Budapest?

“It's a great city that has some really beautiful places. You can take a hike on our small mountain and have an amazing view of the whole city. When we’re not in a pandemic, Budapest has great nightlife and the people are really nice.

During the day, there are lots of museums close to each other and so it’s easy to plan a trip to visit all of them. And they’re very cheap! Personally, I recommend going to the bridges at night as their lighting makes them look beautiful at night.

You can walk through the banks or by the river and see the parliament which also looks amazing at night. For young people moving here, I’d recommend moving to the Pest side of the city. There’s lots more to do and it’s better suited if you want to go out and have fun. It’s common to house share here so it can make living near the centre more affordable.”

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