mthree sponsors London Tech Week 2021

mthree sponsors London Tech Week 2021


We’re excited to announce that mthree will sponsor London Tech Week.  

Taking place from September 20th – 24th, the (mostly) virtual event is a global celebration of tech, uniting the industry to innovate, share, connect and drive business transformation and societal change. 

London Tech Week covers everything that’s new and important in the world of tech, from ClimateTech and 5G to EdTech and the Future of Work. 

mthree is a lead sponsor of the ‘Future of Work Summit’ taking place on the Wednesday. During the day, you can expect to hear thought leaders discuss the challenges organizations face when building a workforce amongst increasing competition and exponential change.  

Who from mthree will you hear from on the day? 

Becs Roycroft, Senior Director, Global Emerging Talent & Client Operations will present the driving forces behind change in UK tech and the workforce strategies that secure success.   

Thomas Seymour, Senior Director, HR will take part in a panel discussion on the importance of moving beyond diverse recruitment towards inclusive work environments.   

Jeremy Corbett, Senior Director, Talent & Partnerships will host a panel discussion on the opportunities remote working brings to accessing talent and building teams globally.   

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