Interview With Owen | mthree Intern at an Investment Bank

Interview with Owen, an mthree intern at an investment bank



Owen is studying a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Southampton. He's currently on an internship with mthree at an investment bank and shares his experience. 

Hello, my name is Owen Salvage and I’ve recently completed the third year of my Computer Science degree at the University of Southampton. I’m currently on a ten-week internship with mthree.

I chose this internship because I wanted to gain an insight into the financial market/investment banking world before making any career decisions and had an urge to improve my problem-solving skills from within a company. 

How the internship has been so far

The experience has been increasingly informative and refreshing. We’ve spoken to many different employees across a diverse group of teams. The most fulfilling sessions have been the smaller scale meetings, consisting only of us six interns and the speaker(s). These meetings have allowed us to engage on a significantly more personal level.

The most challenging aspect has been learning the financial jargon as they’re crucial to the bank’s functionality. However, both mthree and my employer have supplied us with a plethora of resources and training sessions that enabled us to overcome this. Because of this, I personally feel much more confident in my financial knowledge. 

What a remote internship is like

Working remotely has certainly been challenging but throughout the program, both mthree and my company have set up weekly check-ups and social meetings. These additional meetings not only ensure we can ask questions and highlight any problems but also allow us to gain a more personal connection with each other that we would otherwise miss from working remotely.

We've been assigned ‘one to one’ sessions and mentors that support us throughout, both of which have had a massive positive impact. Building and maintaining relationships is extremely important, especially during a global pandemic!

You shouldn’t be afraid to connect with anyone you have an interest in, most people enjoy discussing their career paths and will share advice with you. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been super helpful and friendly, never turning a question down. 

His advice for graduates interested in joining mthree

My advice for those interested in an internship with mthree would be not to worry or doubt yourself - everyone has been in the same position as you and are very understanding! Don’t let a lack of experience or knowledge dissuade you from applying. mthree are interested in who you are as a person and your potential – not just what you can do right now.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to ask any questions that you have - no one will judge you for it. Doing some simple research on investment banks and the products and services they offer will go a long way in showing your interest. I'd recommend looking into ring-fenced banking and the reasons why the UK government implemented this policy.

Overall, my experience has been thoroughly positive, and I would highly recommend that anyone with an interest in developing professionally valued skills and knowledge, apply to an internship with mthree.