How to ask good questions in a software developer interview

How to ask good questions in a software developer interview


Houda Chraibi, Senior Talent Specialist at mthree explains how you can ask good questions in your software developer interview. 

When preparing for a software developer interview, you probably focus on two things:

- Brushing up on your technical knowledge/skills

- Practicing how to give good responses

But some people forget that asking good questions at the end of your interview is as much important as giving good responses to your interviewer.

Usually, when you finish answering all the technical and behavioral questions, the interviewer will ask you "thank you for answering all of our questions. Do you have any questions for me now?…".

In order to be successful, you should consider:

- What kind of role it is? We’re definitely talking about a software developer role here.

- What kind of company it is? Is it a gaming, medical oriented or financial company? Is your interview through a consulting company?

- Who is the interviewer/their position/their department? Are they an HR representative or a Senior Developer/hiring manager/head of department?

So let’s say, for example, you’re interviewing through a consulting company for a software developer role in the financial industry and the interviewer is a hiring manager/senior developer.

So just by knowing this, you should already know how to proceed.

1. Never ask questions about salary: this should be already clear with your consulting HR department. All HR/administrative questions should be asked before you interview with the senior developer. Plus, don’t forget that you were probably in a ‘highly technical interview, so at this step, we’re expecting you to already know and confirm all compensation details.

2. You should have a good understanding of the collaboration between the consultancy and the client. Asking questions about the onboarding process, or about the next steps of the hiring process can make you look a little confused or not prepared enough.

3. Any questions showing that you didn’t do much research about the role or the company should be avoided. This is all your responsibility.

So, how can you ask good questions?

- Let them know about your interest regarding the team methodology: Agile, DevOps, Scrum etc.

- Show your curiosity about the manager's experience: you can ask them about what they appreciate about their current role or about the company culture

- You can ask them how they expect you to impress them in your first 3 months

- You can ask about career/growth development opportunities after few years of working for them

- You can ask about the kind of projects you'll work on/be involved in

Is it possible to have zero questions to ask? Yes.

But is it recommended? No.

I will always suggest you ask between one or two questions at the end of your interview.

Of course, don’t forget to thank the interviewer for their time and to let him know that it was a pleasure to meet them today.

All I can say is to trust yourself, speak with charisma, confidence, energy, passion and interest! Show them who you are, your skills and your potential.

Effort, hard work and trust can only bring you success. Good luck!