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How to ace an automated interview



By Kat Snodgrass, Head of Talent, EMEA and Scott Coleman-Allan, Head of Talent, North America

Pre-recorded/automated interviews can seem daunting and intimidating. Don’t worry, the purpose of this type of interview isn't to make you feel this way. It’s to help you save travel costs, interview comfortably in your own environment and help organizations to deliver a fair and more efficient interview process. 

We understand it can be strange having to speak to a computer screen, we've shared our tips to support you and help you get the best out of your automated interview.

1. Once sent the automated interview, you usually have a certain amount of days to respond. Make sure you ask your Talent Team member about the deadline, if not already highlighted. If you know you have a prior commitment, don’t be afraid to ask your Talent contact to set up the interview or extend the interview period to a later date.

2. Once logged in you'll find supporting videos to watch, make sure to use this resource. These videos are an excellent tool to help you understand what to expect and what to do. They should also help to calm your nerves.  

3. Before your mthree automated interview you'll receive an interview preparation document from your Talent Team member, spend some time reviewing it. If you're not interviewing with mthree and weren't provided with preparation, there are lots of sources online which will help.

4. Expect time restrictions for each question you're asked. You're usually given around 10 seconds as ‘thinking time’ before answering the question. Try to not allow the timer to stress you out. When preparing for an interview, we always advise on doing a couple of practice interviews with friends or family to help you get used to time restrictions.

5. Once ‘thinking time’ is over, the interviewing platform will start your time allowance for answering the actual interview question straightaway. Usually, there are 2-3 minutes of ‘answer time’ allocated to each question. 

Remember, if you don’t feel like you need the full amount of time to answer the question, you don’t have to! Sometimes you will find that you can answer the question within a shorter period of time.

6. Make sure you're in a calm and relaxing environment. At mthree, we won't schedule you into a specific time slot to complete the interview. You're usually given two days to complete to allow you time to find a quiet and comfortable environment to complete your automated interview. 

Try and avoid recording interviews where there could be background noise. Being in a quiet location where you have no distractions will help you focus, relax and answer the questions you are given in a more confident manner.

7. Place your laptop on a firm surface. It can be supported on a pile of books or a higher and more stable surface if you feel that you need to laptop to align better. Please do not rest the laptop on your lap.

8. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and your webcam is working – this will be tested before you start the interview via the interview platform.

9. If you find it distracting or uncomfortable to see yourself on the screen you have the option of a button to click and hide your preview.

10. Ensure you have a tidy background. Try not to have your laundry hanging up and last night’s dinner plate stacked in the sink behind you. If you have a space for a plain background, it is always best to use this.

11. Dress like you would for a face-to-face interview or your first day in a new role. Wear smart clothes and ensure you're presentable and confident to sell your academic and/or work experience. 

And finally, good luck! We know you'll ace it.