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How technology has changed music


New technology changes the way we think about and approach music. It changes the accessibility of music for artists, and every new invention gives a different type of person a different approach to music. Here are just a few different ways technology has changed music.

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How Technology Changes Music For Good

Sharing & Accessibility

With the invention of the internet and high-speed data transfer, we now have some incredible new options when working with music. You can now collaborate with someone across the globe who has a completely different culture, background, musical style, etc. than you. This immediately puts you at a distinct advantage when it comes to creating new sounds and feelings. 

You can find others' music through social networks such as SoundCloud, listen to what they have to offer, and then decide to work with them.

Multitrack Recording

Multitrack recording is a vital technology in music that helps music producers record separate parts of a song and add them together. Before the advent of this technology, every element must feature in a piece of music. The musicians, tools, etc., must all be at the same location for recording. However, different components and parts of a song can now be recorded separately and combined to make a full unit.

The Lower Technical Ability Bracket

With all of these great new electronics comes a lower barrier to entry to write what is sometimes extremely complex music. Music can now become almost strictly about ideas, rather than how fast or well you can play your instrument.

Digital Production Software

Digital software is the biggest game-changer for the music industry in the aspect of production. It has changed the game by allowing producers to record, write, and produce their songs to a high quality with greater ease. One of the standard technologies that added a lot of improvement to the music industry is Virtual Studio Technology. It integrates effects units and software synthesizers into digital audio workstations.

Digital Streaming Software

Digital streaming software has made many improvements in music as it allows us to listen to music anywhere we want and at any time. Websites and applications like YouTube and Spotify provide stress-free music listening.

New Sounds

New synths, sample manipulations, and new noises that we’ve never heard before will greatly impact how people compose music. Writing and recording music becomes easier, which allows much more people to partake in the activity.

With advances in technology, it becomes easier to create. These evolutions are changing the way we listen to music, view, think about, and create music.

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