Custom-Trained Emerging Talent & Employee Reskilling

The skills gap is getting bigger every day


It’s a new problem that demands a new solution: combining custom-trained emerging talent with employee reskilling.

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An exponential
pace of change

Innovation has always left the rest of the world playing catch-up. But as the pace of change accelerates due to advances in technology, so does the skills gap. It’s more important than ever for organizations to get ahead of the challenges they face.

  • In 2017, the World Economic Forum found that the half-life of a job skill was about five years – and falling.
  • Three years later, their Future of Jobs report predicted 97 million brand new roles nobody’s ever done before by 2025. At the same time, 85 million existing roles may be displaced by technology.
  • The tech sector has the highest staff turnover rate out of every business sector at 13.2%. Google has a median tenure of 1.1 years.
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The limits of

Academia lags behind the needs of industry. Especially in technology and other high-demand disciplines. Dennis Bonilla, Dean of mthree Academy, saw this first hand as a head of faculty at a university. It takes around two years to create and launch a new degree course, and two years later, it’s already out of date.

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The limits of
traditional hiring

On-demand recruitment, senior contractors, and internal graduate programs are an essential part of the mix. But with a growing lack of supply in the market, the usual methods expose organizations to volatility in the talent pyramid – while placing a strain on resources.

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The resulting
workforce challenges:
cost, time, diversity

  • It’s hard to find the right talent in the right location.
  • It’s hard to get new people up to speed.
  • It’s hard to recover from mis-hires.
  • It’s hard to develop people into new capabilities as job requirements evolve.
  • It’s hard to retain great people with valuable organizational knowledge.
  • It’s hard to build diversity in in-demand areas.

A dual solution to bridge the skills gap

Custom-trained emerging talent & employee reskilling

With our industry-aligned training at mthree Academy, from Software Development to DevOps to Data Engineering, you can meet the challenge from both ends.  

Bring in graduates that hit the ground running, primed to become your future leaders, on one side. Redeploy your current workforce on the other.  

Predictable. Scalable. Together, Reskill and Alumni help you build sustainable pipelines of diverse talent now and for the long term. 

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Graduates custom-trained in the skills you need

Our hire, train, deploy model eliminates the risks associated with taking on emerging talent. At the mthree Academy, graduates learn how to add value in your teams from day one.

After their placement (12 to 24 months), you’ll have the option to convert them at no extra cost. Nine in 10 Alumni stay on under our clients’ permanent headcount.

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Tailored training
for your employees

Unlock the potential in your existing teams with our programs for role development and role transition.   

Fast or flexible. From a skills gap analysis all the way through to lifelong learning. We can help you build the skills you need in-house.   

The Alumni we’ve gained through mthree have been outstanding.  They’re determined, driven and extremely capable. They became valuable contributors almost immediately and continue to demonstrate levels of technical acumen, good judgement, independence, energy, level-headedness, and ownership that are significantly beyond our expectations for junior hires.

IT Manager,

Centene Corporation

Great first experience using the offering from mthree. Very positive work throughout the 24 month period and within the development space using Java. Would use mthree again!


Head of Architecture and Development,
Tier 1 Investment Bank 

We have partnered with mthree since January 2015 to provide us with high quality junior talent via their Alumni offering, during which time mthree have consistently provided us with great technically gifted individuals plus excellent customer service and have become a key element of our staff augmentation planning every year since inception.

Managing Director,

Tier 1 Investment Bank 

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