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Who might you meet at mthree HQ, and how do we get you where you want to be? Read on for a snapshot of some of the people behind the scenes.

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Partnerships team

When you’re a current student, or doing some career research...

You might bump into our partnerships team. At a fair, in a corridor, on a webinar. We’re the ones who collaborate with institutions to bring opportunities with mthree to their audience early on. Doing more than just advertising, we help students and graduates develop professional skills and technical skills to get ahead.

We are looking for potential, and we want to actively support students who feel they may be disadvantaged because of their background. The aim of our partnerships and educational events is to give everyone the tools they need to grow in confidence and find their dream job.

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Jelena Milovanovic

Talent Partnerships Manager

Through a variety of Professional Development workshops and one-on-one sessions, we’re able to work with students to identify how mthree can meet their individual needs as they begin their professional career. Often we’re the first step in the journey for each graduate we hire.

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Luis Amaro,

Head of University Partnerships &
Veteran Initiatives

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Talent team

When you’ve applied for one of our Alumni roles, or we reached out to you directly...

You’re in the hands of our talent team. We’re the ones who look for great graduates far and wide, then explore how they could fly with one of our clients. We love finding out what motivates people so they can hone in on the job that’s perfect for them, from the obvious to the unexpected. Often it’s niche they’ve never heard of before.

We're here to help you realise and unleash your potential, and consider career options you may not know exist. It's impossible to know all the roles which are needed in the corporate world. We talk through your options and advise on what pathways may best suit your current skill set as well as your future goals.

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Kat Snodgrass,

Head of Talent (EMEA)

We genuinely enjoy helping the next generation of talent get their start in the field. We aim to best understand your strengths as a candidate and what drives you as a person. Our culture is all about inclusiveness and helping you feel supported.

Steve Ramos

Steve Ramos,

Talent Team Lead (US)

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Academy team

When you’re getting trained by mthree...


We’re the ones who help you level up. Each of our expert instructors has at least a decade of experience in the field they’re teaching – in industry, education, or both. Guided by the needs of organizations, nothing makes us happier than seeing our trainees go from strength to strength in their roles.

Academy Experience Managers

We’re the ones who take care of our trainees while they’re going through the process. Our role as Academy Experience Managers is to help people get the most out of their training from beginning to end. Staying on track, getting the information they need, building confidence as well as a practical skill set.

Our team provides learning opportunities in which Alumni demonstrate mastery of technical skills and knowledge. Through case studies and projects based in real-world scenarios, Alumni explore how this enables business operations. 

They also practice the communication and collaboration skills needed to engage with colleagues across an organization.

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Charity Jennings,

Associate Dean – Global Operational Models,
New Programs, Industry Certifications (US)

We study industry requirements in modern IT and ensure that we deliver dynamic, engaging and comprehensive training for your long-term career. We also organize weekly one-to-one sessions to address questions/concerns, share feedback and give advice for how to improve.

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Paul Menefee

Director of Instruction

At the heart, we strive to create a positive trainee experience, ensuring trainees feel supported and knowledgeable about their Academy path. Whether we’re setting them up to start on their first day, answering questions, or working through concerns about training, we’re here to offer an experienced hand!

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Caitlin Maiewski,

Academy Experience Manager (US)

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HR team

When you’re joining the world of mthree as an Alumni employee...

You’ll get to know our Human Resources team sooner or later. We’re the ones who look after the workforce operations behind the scenes. This includes nuts-and-bolts responsibilities like putting together employment contracts, but also making sure every Alumni and HQ employee gets treated fairly and is rewarded appropriately.

Entering the corporate world might appear daunting, but it’s not as scary as it seems. We are here to walk you through the process and all the rules whenever needed – you can always reach out to us. We want to make sure you’re set up for success, so you can focus on your new exciting role.

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Pawel Kononczuk,

Senior HR Advisor (UK)

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When you’re working onsite as an Alumni...

We’re the ones who support your development towards a career for the long term. We reach out regularly to help with things like lifelong learning and performance reviews, as well as answering day-to-day questions on topics such as pay and benefits. If you need us, you know where to find us!

We’re here for the Alumni every step of the way. We tailor our approach to each individual to make sure they get the right level of support. From regular check-ins to feedback to social and networking events, we aim for our Alumni to excel in their role and to be happy doing it!

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Emily Keefe,

Head of Engagement,
North America

From the moment the Alumni start working with one of our clients, we ensure they’re settled in and have a clear understanding of how they can succeed. Not only this, but we’re here to provide the tools 
and training they might need.

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Georgia Staley,

Head of Engagement, EMEA

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Client services

When you’ve reached the end of your time as an Alumni...

Maybe you’ll get to repeat the process from the other side after going full circle. Our client hired you as their permanent employee, and now you’re looking to bring in your own Alumni. Our client services team is at the ready: we’re the ones who are on the lookout for more opportunities to help organizations future-proof their workforce.

Like the other teams, we’re with you every step of the way. We act to ensure you receive sufficient ongoing training in order to excel. We ensure your work is recognised and valued, and we act as your key liaison with line managers to champion your career progression.

Lauren headshot

Lauren Crompton,

Client Services Lead

Managing mthree’s engagement with our existing clients, client services is pivotal as the liaison of all our internal teams as the program interfaces with others. It’s always interesting to see an Alumni’s journey progress within an organization.

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Sam Merley,

Client Services Director,
North America

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