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Before you apply for the Alumni Program...

What makes mthree different from other companies?


The guidance we provide graduates with, from the application stage right through to the second or third year of your career, is what sets us apart. 

For starters, we advise you about amazing jobs you might not have heard of before, with companies you might not have imagined joining. A production support analyst at an investment bank, a data engineer at a global insurance company, an anti-financial crime expert, and more. It could be the best career you’ve never dreamed of. 

From then on, you’re handheld throughout. Our talent team support you through the interview process. Our Academy experience managers support you while you’re training. Our engagement managers support you while you’re working with a client as an Alumni. 

What’s more, we want you to *want* to be here. That means we don’t charge a fee to cover your training if you decide to leave your role early, and you get a choice about the location you go for. 

Our clients, our graduates, and our team at HQ, we’re all in it together. This is reflected in the energy at mthree. It’s a fast-paced, exciting environment, where you’re at the beginning of something, and you know you’re going to keep picking up new knowledge and skills over time. 

You’ll be kicking off a career that has progression built into it by design. Unlike other organizations, which don’t always give you a structured route to promotion, with mthree you get a guaranteed performance-linked pay rise every 6 months. And after your placement, which is usually 2 years, the goal is for you to flip over to become permanently employed by our client. (That’s the story for 9 in 10 Alumni.)

Why should you choose mthree, rather than applying to our clients direct?


Our Alumni program gets you a foot in the door. We give you upfront training in the practical skills you need to excel in a specific role, which gives you an advantage you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

Lots of organizations that hire graduates straight from university are looking for an existing skill set, which very few people have. This often rules you out of the process. In contrast, we’re looking for potential for you to develop.

Our trainers are here to help you bridge the gap between education and the corporate world, accelerating your career. You’ll pick up masses of expertise at the mthree Academy – we’re part of Wiley, a global leader in research, publishing and education for over 200 years.

You’ll also have our ready-made Alumni network at your fingertips, so there are always other people in the same boat to turn to.

What’s more, the opportunity we give you is more long-term than you might expect. Most of our graduates (9 in 10) stay on as a permanent member of our client’s team once their Alumni placement ends.

What do we look for in a candidate?


For most of our programs, you’ll need to have already graduated from university. 

We generally look for a 2.1 or 3.0 GPA (although we occasionally make exceptions). 

All our Alumni roles centre around practical skills, so most graduates we hire have a degree in a practical subject. 

For tech roles, that usually means STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths). 

For non-tech roles, we open it up more. Candidates tend to have studied a subject related to business, finance, maths or economics, but we will consider all backgrounds. We’ve been known to hire graduates with degrees in music, geography and history, although they’ve needed to demonstrate capabilities outside of the world of education instead.

If you’re going for an Alumni role in software development, you’ll need to have a bit of programming knowledge before you start your training. This could come from academia or from doing your own personal projects. Other than that, you don’t need any prior experience for any of our pathways.

Regarding location, you’ll need to have the right to work in the country where the role is based (we don’t arrange visas).

And then moving away from the nuts and bolts:

We look for self-motivation. It’s great if you can prove that you have a real interest in tech or banking by driving yourself to complete personal projects, or by attending insight events, Spring Week and so on.

You’ll need to be inquisitive. We love it when candidates ask questions! An analytical nature and structured approach shows that you can break tasks down, thinking outside the box to find different solutions.

Communication is key as well. Not only confidence (which you’ll gain at mthree Academy), but also listening and collaboration. In tech, it’s all about teamwork across departments. 

In any graduate position, you need to earn your stripes to move up. Say yes to trying new experiences. Take on challenges. Be willing to go above and beyond. You’ll get more responsibility as you go. 

How can you best prepare for an interview?


Read on for our three top tips to help you prepare for any interview, whether it’s with mthree or somewhere else:

1. Research the organization. Look them up on social media. Check out a few pages on their website, and their blog if they have one. Also, sites like Glassdoor offer a wealth of insider information about the experiences of past and present employees.

2. Know your CV inside out. An interviewer will often pick a couple of points that look interesting and ask you to talk about them in detail. 

3. Think about why you’re going for a particular job or training program. Be ready to demonstrate your reasoning. Remember, this could be looking towards the future as well as looking back at your past. (This is especially helpful when you’re at the start of your career.)

Beyond that, the preparation you need to do will probably vary according to the job, the industry or sector, the role, the team and the organization. Just be sure to read all emails carefully, ask your contact for clarification if you’re feeling really unsure about what the process will involve, and you’ll be fine!

What sort of interview questions will you be asked?


The exact questions we ask at mthree will depend on the role or the training pathway you’re looking at, but we do tend to focus on a few key themes to understand if a career is right for you. Here’s what we’re interested in finding out:

- Activities you do outside of academia that encourage your passion in the relevant area (for example technology, or getting into the finance sector).

- Situational topics to explore how you work in different environments, e.g. while under pressure or collaborating with others.

- Projects you’ve been involved in that didn’t go to plan, and how you resolved those issues.

- Problem-solving. There’s no particular right or wrong answer to this type of question – we just want to see your thought process and the way you structure your approach when you don’t already know what to do.

- Transferable skills. For example, for a software development role, we don’t just consider graduates with a background in computer science, we look at all aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths). It’s about gauging your awareness of how your current abilities could fit into your future career. 

Do you need coding experience to have a career in tech?


Yes, definitely! Software development roles tend to require some knowledge of programming – but you’ll find an array of other roles in technology that anyone can get into.

Some of those roles will involve you picking up coding responsibilities on the job. This opens doors to opportunities in software development in future. You’ll also collaborate with software developers day to day, giving you a valuable window into that world. Production support, one of the training pathways at mthree, is great for this (though it always depends on the team and the workload). 

Starting out in a role that isn’t pure software development doesn’t shut you off from coding forever. It might just be your route into the field.

Before you start your Alumni placement

Is there a training bond and is training paid?


There's no training bond. You may have heard about a training bond at other organizations that use a similar model to mthree, so it’s understandable if you’re worried. But please don’t let it put you off the idea altogether!

At mthree, not only do we think training bonds are unfair on graduates, but we don’t see the need for them in the first place. That’s because our program is built around trust – and around our ability to match you with opportunities you’re excited about. This means you won’t ever be charged if you decide to leave, whether during training or during your placement with a client.

Every individual gets paid a training allowance while they’re getting trained at the mthree Academy. The training allowance is a set amount. It’s slightly less than your starting salary will be once you begin your Alumni placement with one of our clients.

What will you be expected to know from day one?


Very little! As a specialist in bridging the skills gap, our industry-aligned training helps you translate academic theory into execution. 

The only training pathway that needs some prior knowledge is software development. For all others, we look for people who’ve studied a practical subject with transferable skills, and a genuine interest in the industry or role.

What happens if you don’t get placed into a role before the end of your training?


The way we work with clients varies. Sometimes graduates interview for a specific Alumni role before they start their mthree training, and sometimes we place them at a later stage.

It’s true that roles aren’t always guaranteed. However, it’s worth noting that we’re investing in you by training you up, and we only make a return on our investment if you then go on to work with one of our clients. We’re a business after all! That’s why getting you sorted out with a great placement is a top priority for us.

In short, you’re very unlikely not to head straight from mthree Academy into an Alumni role. But if this happens, we will continue helping you to secure a job afterwards by putting you forward for roles with other clients. We’ll also give you further training to do at home so you can keep developing your skills. You’ll be in regular contact with the Academy experience manager and our talent team so you’re in the loop.

Can you pick the location of your job?


Yes, you can choose where you will or won’t go. When you apply to mthree, early on in the process, we have a discussion with you about the locations you’re open to.

The more flexible you are, the greater the likelihood that you’ll find a role you love. This is because you get access to more opportunities across multiple locations. But we will never place you somewhere you don’t want to be. We always take your preferences into account before putting you forward for roles, or even accepting you into our training program. 

Globally our clients’ main locations tend to be cities. For example, London, Glasgow, Chicago, Krakow and Budapest. Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed a pattern that organizations are opening up offices in other big cities as well as the usual capitals.

While the pandemic is ongoing, what’s the process for starting work?


Your safety is our priority. We would only ask people to work in the office when the time is right. 

As of writing this FAQ (April 2021), all our training at the mthree Academy, and the majority of the work our client teams are doing, is taking place from home. 

The balance between in-office work and remote work will shift as needed according to what makes sense. 

During your Alumni placement

If successful, will you work with other graduates?


Yes. Often there will be another Alumni within your immediate team, but if there isn’t, you’ll work with other grads indirectly. 

Although you may not always be working side by side with another Alumni, you will be collaborating with other departments. You’ll often find an Alumni in the adjacent team to yours. (Lots of our clients have their own internal graduate schemes too.) 

Managers tend to be pretty happy about this, because often it means Alumni graduates from different teams know to work together. It opens up their network internally for working closely with other teams. (That’s one reason why we hold socials!)

Can you pick the location of your job?


Yes, you can choose where you will or won’t go. When you apply to mthree, early on in the process, we have a discussion with you about the locations you’re open to.

The more flexible you are, the greater the likelihood that you’ll find a role you love. This is because you get access to more opportunities across multiple locations. But we will never place you somewhere you don’t want to be. We always take your preferences into account before putting you forward for roles, or even accepting you into our training program. 

Globally our clients’ main locations tend to be cities. For example, London, Glasgow, Chicago, Krakow and Budapest. Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed a pattern that organizations are opening up offices in other big cities as well as the usual capitals.

How will your job develop over the course of your placement?


As an Alumni, your development journey begins with industry-aligned training at the mthree Academy – and there’s lots more to look forward to afterwards.

Once you start working with one of our clients, you’ll embark on a continuous learning program that’s mapped to your role. This includes three elements. Mandatory training, recommended training and optimal training.

The mandatory training is linked to your performance reviews that happen every 6 months (these drive your pay rises).

The recommended training is for those who want to push themselves a little more. 

And if you’re aiming to be a top performer, that’s where the optimal training comes in.

We don’t just look after your technical skills. We want to develop your personal and interpersonal skills as well, so you can grow into a rounded specialist with critical business skills to help you succeed.

Your engagement manager is part of a team that’s dedicated to helping Alumni achieve their full potential. At the same time, our expert instructors at the mthree Academy are continually creating new training content that’s laser-targeted to meet the needs of our Alumni and our clients. We believe in life-long learning, and it all starts with your journey at mthree.

What support will you get from mthree once you're on site with a client?


Once you’re on site, you’ll have an mthree engagement manager. They’re your go-to at mthree – the person you can turn to anytime with questions or concerns. They will check in with you once a month to see how you’re getting on, and they’ll help out with your performance reviews every six months too. 

You’ll also have access to lots more mthree training content to continue your development at your own pace. Modules include soft skills like mindfulness and critical thinking as well as practical skills that relate directly to your role.

On top of that, in the client team where you’re working, you’ll have a line manager who gives you your everyday tasks. This means you’re getting support through two different avenues: from us and from our client.

It’s cheesy, but mthree only succeeds if you succeed. It’s in our interest to give you everything you need to accelerate your skills and make progress. And remember, the client’s intention is that you’ll want to continue your career with them after your Alumni placement ends (by switching over to become their permanent employee instead of ours). We all have a shared goal for you to love your work and do well over the long term.

Obviously you’ll be expected to work hard along the way. And it’s a bit of a leap of faith on our side! But we’re experts in identifying the right role for the right person, then helping you go the distance.

Do you get a benefits package?


You get guaranteed performance-linked pay rises every 6 months, tied to your appraisals. Think of it like a bonus but with progression built in.

The benefits we offer on top of that vary from country to country, ranging from gym memberships to life assurance to dental insurance.

Globally, every Alumni also gets:

- Your own Headspace license (a meditation app).

- Access to our Employee Assistance Program. If you’re ever having a difficult time, whether in your personal life or at work, this free program gives you confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services.

To find out more about our benefits, get in touch: info@mthree.com 

Will you definitely be offered a contract with the client at the end of your placement?


9 in 10 Alumni are offered a permanent role with the client at the end of their placement. This means they can switch over from being our employee to their employee. Occasionally it doesn’t happen, but you’re very very likely to have the opportunity to stay on and continue your career with the organization where you’ve been working.

If you don’t get an offer of a permanent role, we may be able to move you over to work with another one of our clients instead. (We can’t always guarantee this, but we will always do our best!)

Are you a contractor with mthree?


No, you’re employed by us as a permanent member of staff. This means we handle a lot of the tax, legal and HR aspects of your work on your behalf  – unlike contractors, who are self-employed and so have to do most of that themselves. 

It’s understandable if you find this confusing, we know it’s complicated.

Can you work with lots of different mthree clients?


We’re often asked this, but mthree isn’t like a traditional consultancy. It’s not project-based work where you move around from place to place – that’s not really the point. 

Unlike other graduate programs, your placement is geared around helping you grow into a specific niche. Generally as an Alumni, you’d work within one team, in one organization, for 1-2 years, progressing quickly as you go. This is reflected in the guaranteed performance-linked pay rises that you can look forward to every 6 months.

How our Alumni Program works


Complete our assessment and interview process.


Get trained by our industry experts for 4-8 weeks (full-time) at the mthree Academy.


Work at one of our clients, full-time for 12-24 months (full-time). As an mthree Alumni, you're employed by us, and we'll keep helping you get better at what you do through further training.


Afterwards, 9 in 10 Alumni continue their career with the client –
by switching over to become their employee instead of ours.