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Diversity, inclusion & belonging


At mthree, we want to inspire everyone to go further than they thought possible – whether that’s the Alumni and Reskill trainees we work with or our people at HQ.

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"Every company is looking for diverse hires in tech. We can tackle this at the root cause. Where other companies would rule a lot of grads out, we rule them in. We work with a broad range of universities and remove as much bias as we can from the recruitment process. Our training and their aptitude enables success."

Becs Roycroft, Senior Director at mthree

Why this
matters to us


Inclusion should embrace the diversity within a workforce, not absorb away the differences. We’ve felt the benefits of this at mthree HQ.  So we want to keep doing our bit to drive change, from sharing our own struggles and victories to doing away with dress codes. 


“Equality of opportunity” is easy to talk about but hard to put into practice. We recognize that positive action is sometimes needed when a person’s background might hold them back, despite their aptitudes. 


By helping under-represented groups excel in jobs they might not have chosen unaided, organizations gain new thinking, new ideas, and new ways of solving problems.   

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"Our passion is nurturing talent so everyone fulfils their full potential. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I lead the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee, and we’re always on the lookout for new initiatives that will move us towards where we want to be. Is there room for improvement? Always."

Tom Seymour, Senior Director, HR

Where we're at

Our Alumni population of emerging talent are 35% female and 46% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. We know that diversity is about more than just statistics, but by tracking how things are going, we have something concrete to improve on.  

In our Reskill training, one of our most popular briefs from clients involves helping non-technical people transition into technical roles. This opens up a whole new demographic, from age to education. 

What we're doing

mthree is about potential, not prestige. Talent is everywhere – elite academia isn’t the only source of high performance. Through active outreach, our talent teams have hired Alumni from more than 400 universities globally.

We don’t just focus on elite universities. We hire from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), Women’s Colleges as well as Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU’s). We’ve increased our diverse candidates tremendously and will continue to make sure we are giving everyone an equal opportunity.
Portrait of Chanel Ford

Chanel Ford

Alumni Talent Executive, mthree

We’re working to raise awareness of opportunities in technology and other high-demand disciplines among underrepresented groups. Our dedicated Partnership Managers in EMEA, North America and APAC are always on the lookout for new people to team up with, from university departments to online jobs boards and graduate communities.  


Our 2021 diversity report revealed a range of inequalities relating to higher education. One of the most noteworthy: 61% of businesses either exclusively hire or prefer to hire from top universities. This limits their talent sourcing to institutions where just 4% of the population is Black.

We collaborate with a range of affinity groups in the US. Our shared objective is to improve access to brilliant careers for students of historically Black colleges, tribal colleges, and Hispanic-serving institutions.

The end goal is to ensure that every student has access to professional development and graduate programs. You’d be surprised how high some of the hurdles are, like indigenous American students having to walk five miles to reach a wifi signal. I’m a first-generation college grad, which gives me a lot of energy for this!
Portrait of Luis Amaro

Luis Amaro

Head of University Partnerships & Veteran Intiatives

Every employee at mthree HQ undergoes unconscious bias training to raise awareness of the stereotypes that affect our decisions without us knowing – and how to overcome them.

Since I started running these sessions, people seem to be more comfortable talking about diversity and challenging each other. I used to find it difficult to talk about ethnicity. At the same time, I had people assume that my husband and I don’t like sports. I’ve got quite a diverse team, and it really does promote better collaboration.
Portrait of Scott Coleman-Allan

Scott Coleman-Allan

Head of Alumni Talent, North America

Our research found that 71% of young tech workers have felt uncomfortable in a job because of their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or neurodevelopmental condition. 

Being in the minority can fuel nervousness – even in the most outstanding people. That’s why our training at the mthree Academy focuses on developing soft skills, not just industry skills.

In our Academy Learning Outcomes, we focus on the 5 Cs. Communication, collaboration, curiosity, creative thinking and critical thinking. Often this is most helpful for underrepresented groups. For instance, how do you assert yourself as a woman in technology, where there's a lot of bias? How do you challenge the status quo constructively?
Portrait of Dennis Bonilla

Dennis Bonilla

Dean of mthree Academy

Our ERGs are an outlet for people to talk about the localized challenges and opportunities related to all things diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

As a channel for events, speakers, workshops and conferences, they’re open to Alumni and trainees as well as all of us at mthree HQ. 

Headshot of Kat Snodgrass

My story with
dyslexia, by
Kat Snodgrass

Kat is our Head of Alumni Talent in the EMEA region. In her article about her experiences with dyslexia, she emphasizes that people with learning difficulties add immense value to the organizations they join. Everyone has their own way of working, and it’s about finding yours.  

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Supporting our
clients’ specific
diversity goals

We achieve gender and ethnicity diversity by default in our standard selection process – but we can also integrate bespoke metrics into our recruiting cycle. For example, we ran an all-female cohort of Alumni training for tech roles at a tier one investment bank.