Cost of Onboarding Graduate Talent | 2021 US Report

The hidden costs of onboarding graduate talent

2021 Report | U.S.

We surveyed 500 business leaders and 1,000 young workers to uncover the true cost of recruiting and onboarding graduate talent. The report then outlines practical steps to help you increase the efficiency of your hiring while improving the candidate experience. 

Uncovering the hidden costs of graduate recruitment

The costs of recruiting and onboarding graduate talent are like an iceberg, with much of the risk and cost “submerged” beneath the surface.

Key findings in the report

We found that graduates often need a little extra help to get up to speed in their role. This includes both structured and ‘on the job’ training.   

We also found that senior leaders are often involved in the recruitment process. What does this cost your business?  

Download our report to get the full picture of your graduate hiring and onboarding.

What this means to your business

Recruiting graduate talent is essential for the future success of many organizations, however it can be one of the most difficult to get right.  

With many of the costs hidden, business leaders are unaware of the huge costs incurred when bringing in emerging talent. 

This report outlines a number of actions that you can take to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and success of your graduate recruitment.